Official name : Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry (JSLD)


JSLD have 832 regular members (General members 760, Councilors 72)
In addition, it also includes ; Associate members 9, Student
members 24, Patronizing laser companies 12, Subscriber members 11
institutions, Honorary members 11, Complimentary members 4 institutions.
A total of 903 members (As of December 2012)


Dr Hisashi Watanabe

Executive board

Honorary members
Professor Hajime Yamamoto
Professor Keiichi Furumoto
Professor Masatsugu Shimizu
Professor Toshio Morioka
Professor Kikuo Kamiyama
Professor Tsuyoshi Saito
Professor Yoshiaki Tani
Professor Isao Ishikawa
Professor Mamoru Kumazaki
Professor Tadao Toda
Professor Yoshiro Kato
Professor Takashi Arai
Professor Yoshito Hirai

Vice Presidents

Professor Nobuo Yoshinari
Dr Tadamasa Tsuda
Professor KenjiYoshida


Dr Shigeyuki Nagai
Professor Satoshi Yokose
Professor Yuichi Kimura
Professor Hiroshi Nakamura
Dr Takeshi Shinoki
Dr Junji Kato
Professor Noriyoshi Shimizu
Professor Koichi Shinkai
Professor Takahide Komori
Professor Toshihide Noguchi
Professor Yoshimitsu Abiko
Professor Kunio Awazu
Dr Kyoichi Ohura
Professor Masaki Kanbara
Professor Takashi Saito
Professor Hideaki Suda
Professor Junji Tagami
Dr Yukio Nakamura
Dr Morioki Fujitani
Dr Atsuhiko Yamamoto


Dr Akira Aoki
Dr Tetsuya Amagai
Professor Kouji Araki
Dr Kazutoshi Ishimaru
Professor Yuichi Izumi
Dr Hiroshi Umemoto
Dr Toru Eguro
Dr Arata Ebihara
Dr Kantaro Ohgushi
Dr Masayuki Ohtsuki
Dr Hideo Ohashi
Dr Shigeru Oda
Dr Kazutoshi Kakimoto
Dr Mugio Kato
Dr Fumio Kurumada
Dr Kazuyuki Kobayashi
Professor Kazuhiro Gomi
Dr Norio Komori
Dr Shigeru Shoji
Dr Naruyoshi Sugihara
Professor Akira Senda
Dr Yasuaki Takase
Professor Tsuneo Takahashi
Dr Kazunori Takamori
Dr Atsushi Takeda
Dr Hideo Tanaka
Dr Akira Tsukui
Mr. Toshihiro Togaya
Professor Koichi Toyoda
Dr Kyoju Nakajima
Dr Masayoshi Naruhashi
Professor Yukihiro Numabe
Dr Yasuhiro Hayase
Professor Kenichi Hirata
Professor Mitsuo Fukuda
Dr Hatsuhiko Maeda
Dr Hideyuki Matsumi
Dr Kouichi Matsumoto
Dr Takashi Mizoguchi
Dr Hidetaka Miyazaki
Dr Mutsuhiko Murai
Dr Kazue Yamaguchi
Dr Hiroyasu Yamaguchi
Dr Keiko Yamada
Dr Mitsuyoshi Yamada
Dr Kazushi Yoshikawa
Dr Itaru Yoshida
Dr Yoshito Yoshimine
Dr Masaaki Waga


Professor Makoto Kikuchi
Professor Michio Shimakura
Dr Toshio Nishiyama

The range of activities conducted by the JSLD: Both local and overseas

Outline of upcoming events for 2013.

1. Annual General Sessions
    25th annual general sessions will be held from September 28-29 in Shinjuku, Tokyo,.
2. A training course on safety measures during use of lasers in dentistry will be
    conducted during annual sessions in Shinjuku, Tokyo on the same date and venue as above.

Publications of the society

The official journal of JSLD, Journal of Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry,
is published 3 times a year

1. Journal of Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry Volume 24, No1: was published in April 2013
2. Journal of Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry Volume 24, No 2 was published in August 2013
3. Journal of Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry Volume 24, No 3: is to be published in December 2013