President’s Message

Thank you for visiting the homepage of the Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry (JSLD). On
behalf of JSLD, I serve as an introduction of JSLD and say hello.

The mission of the Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry is to plan progress and development of the laser dentistry based on the connection with the interdisciplinary study and is to have,
and to provide high quality medical care for security and relief to the nation. Laser treatment
was adopted for the first time in 2008 by national insurance and I feel that at last I obtained
citizenship. Besides, from April 2010 the insurance coverage of Er: YAG laser’s treatment
was enlarged. In other words, it is 60 points of root surface laser applied at an operation as
a new establishment. As to the caries preparation by Er: YAG laser with painlessness, it also
changed 40 points from 20 points. It is familiar to the nation, and the way where high quality
laser treatment is offered to be opened in this way, and in future more and more development
is expected.

The first Japan lasers dentistry meeting for study was held in Osaka Dental University on
9-10 December, 1989 when I read the history of JSLD and started with 175 members.
A name of Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry was started at the fourth meeting and the
membership increases steadily and approaches to 900 people now. Meanwhile, in 2002,
we held the eighth international laser dentistry meeting (ISLD) in Yokohama and held a
ceremony with celebration of the 20th anniversary of the society establishment in 2008.
We are going to hold the 15th international congress of laser dentistry (WFLD) in Nagoya
in 2016.

The laser is artificial light, an electromagnetic wave. The existence was foretold in 1917
by Einstein, and in 1960 a ruby laser was oscillated for the first time by Maiman. This ruby
laser was irradiated for the caries lesion of the human tooth by Stern in 1964, Goldman in
1965 and Yamamoto et al. in 1968. To see such a fact, the laser is inseparably related to
dentistry. The laser is utilized now in every everyday place such a laser beam, a laser disc,
laser communication, a laser printer so on. The reason why a laser is applied to dental
treatment is because one can provide the treatment that it is comfortable, and is easily
acceptable for a patient, in addition, there being sterilization, a detoxification effect in what
can reduce a pain, unpleasant vibration and sound, bleeding in comparison with conventional
treatment. The Society has a plan to expand authorized dentist, specialist, a specialist in
instruction and designation training facilities. In addition, through an authorized class,
a safe class, an education workshop, I try for the spread of laser treatment and the ability
improvement of the member.

The laser basic study is now prosperous. Against a proposition: “why a laser works”, many
researchers observe the change of the cell after the laser irradiation at a protein level
using exhaustive proteome analysis, and a study is pushed forward with the goal of clarifying
the possibility of various biological effects such as reduction of inflammation, the promotion
of the regeneration and those mechanism. In addition, it is remarkable the development
of the new cure by made use of the characteristic of the laser in advances. Besides, it is
accomplishing not only the laser study but also the study in line with the times of the light
science including LED. The outcome from these study are shown in the Japanese Society
for Laser Dentistry annual meeting which is a held once a year, a civic open lecture and the

Lastly, for further development of dental lasers and for successful implementation of above
mentioned plan, I would like to ask your fullest cooperation from all of you, including the
members, executive board and laser manufacturing companies. Please encourage instruction
in future. Thank you once again. Sincerely yours.

A/Professor Hisashi Watanabe
President / JSLD