President’s Message

Embarking on new era, Reiwa

It is my great honor to be continuously responsible for heading the Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry as the President at the beginning of the Reiwa era.
I have much pleasure in providing a brief introduction of our Society. In 1989 the society for the study of laser dentistry was founded as the predecessor of the present society, and the Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry was established in 2001. The purpose of our Society is the execution and advancement of basic and clinical research into laser dentistry in order to provide the public with safe and stable scientifically based laser dental care and cure.
Our Society was authorized by the Japanese Association for Dental Science in 2007, and has been one of the specialized organizations from 2017. In 2013 our Society obtained corporate status, and last year on November of 2018, our society hold both the commemorative 30th scientific congress and the celebration party, that is still fresh in our mind.
On embarking on Reiwa era, the Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry actively provides the events such as safety workshops and educational training sessions, and also particularly offer education to increase knowledge concerning laser dentistry and understanding concerning safety in laser dental treatments for both our members and non-members. Furthermore, our society also engages in activities to periodically broadcast widely to the public the latest and accurate information concerning the advancement of laser dental treatments, and engenders wide public understanding of that information.
We would like to ask for your continuous cooperation. Your further understanding, guidance and support will be greatly appreciated.

President, Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry